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Hair Transplant

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is one of the best cosmetic surgeries that help people get back hairs on their scalp that they lost. This procedure is done by taking follicle filled skin from other parts of the body and planting them in the bald area.

Hair Loss Treatment

Does Hair Transplant really works?

Yes, hair transplant actually works and provide a good hair growth. By implanting patches of the healthy hair on the bald area, one could have a full head of hair gain.

Hair Transplantation Result

How does hair transplantation work?

In hair transplant surgery, surgeons' plant artificial hair strips on the bald portion of your scalp that further help to grow hairs naturally and one can get rid of hair loss or baldness.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Is hair transplant surgery painful?

Yes, but not literally as the doctors desensitize the area locally by pricking small needles into it, but after this you will not feel any more pain. If you still feel pain, you can tell your doctor to do something regarding that.

Hairs After Surgery

How long it takes to grow hair after surgery?

This procedure may take up to one year's time to get the final result of hair restoration surgery. How long it takes to see the result is also depends on people's follicles production at varying stages.

Cost Of Hair Transplant

Cost of hair Transplant surgery in India?

It is hard to tell one decided cost of hair transplant surgery as it may vary from city to city. For an instance, in India hair transplant cost in Mumbai may be distinct to that Hyderabad or Bangalore. It may also vary from the number of hair strips one wants on his/her scalp. Per graft cost also may vary from hair transplant techniques. In India, per graft cost for FUT can be Rs 25 to 40 and for FUE it can be Rs. 60 to 80.

Hair Transplant

Who is the good candidate for hair transplant?

Most of the men suffering from hair loss and male baldness are the good candidate for hair transplant surgery. Some other aspects can also be considered to determine a candidate's potential for this surgery such as, donor graft availability, candidate's general health, natural tendency of the hair and the current age, etc.

FUT Hair Transplant

What are the side effects of hair transplant?

A small percentage of people can get some side-effects after this surgery such as, irritation, swelling in the scalp, eyes or forehead that only lasts a couple of days, but you can get medical help to get rid of these minor issues.

Hair Loss

Can a Person with No Hair Get Hair Transplant?

Well, it depends upon one's available donor hair furnish, placement and hair characteristics. One technique, called shingling make it possible to cover bald areas with thin hairs as a light covering of hair typically looks better than a bald spot.

Body Hair Transplant

What areas can be used as Donor hair?

One can use several areas of their body where the hairs grow naturally such as, chest, shoulders, arms, legs, torso and back. These areas can be used as donor areas for hair transplant surgery.

FUE Hair Transplant

Why FUE?

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is one of the most advanced hair transplant surgeries in which hair from one part of the human body is transplanted to the bald patches. The reason why to prefer FUE is people who have very less donor hairs on the head can easily get hairs back.


Can I receive someone else's hair for hair transplant?

You can surely receive someone else's hair for a hair transplant, only on one condition like the donor should be your identical twin. Same as any other organ transplant, this would require some genetic tests. Once you get your genetic twin, you can receive hair from that person.

Hair Transplant Diet

Any Suggestions for Diet to Help Hair Transplant Results?

A good diet is always good for overall wellness and health and if you want to stimulate the hair transplant results, then you need a diet in which you can get the proper vitamins and minerals and for that you can add fish oil, fruits, almonds, green vegetables, etc. in your daily diet.

Hair Transplant

How many days do we need to stay in the clinic?

Usually, it can take one day's time to complete the process, but the duration of the procedure may vary with the number of grafts need to be transplanted on the scalp.

Hair Transplant Grafts

How many hair grafts I need?

Minimum 3000 hair grafts you need to get the hairline and density you desire. This sum may as well vary according to the thickness of the hair shaft, hair type like curly or straight hair.

Hair Grafts

Difference b/w hair and graft?

Hair are follicular units that contain one, two or three hairs and graft is a strip of hair follicular unit that is required to plant on the scalp in hair transplant surgery.

Hair Transplant Growth

Are the results natural & permanent?

It depends on where the hair was extracted from. Transplanted hair last longer and grow naturally, but it is also depends upon your genetic hair loss problem and your care.

Hair Transplant Doctors

How to choose best surgeon for surgery?

A surgeon should have a track record for having remarkable results and should be transparent with you about the surgical procedure. To choose a best surgeon for surgery, you can find several surgeons on the internet and can conduct a meeting with them.

Result after Hair Transplant

What to expect 6 months after hair transplant surgery?

After 6 months of hair transplant surgery, one can start observing a change in their hair growth. Hair transplant surgery starts yelling result and natural changes approx after 6 months.

Hair Growth

When will my hair start to grow?

Grafts grow at varying rates in most of the people, but one can get a fair result after 6 months of the surgery. Some can experience double result after 6 or 12 months.

Time for Hair Transplant

Right time for hair Transplant?

If after trying several solutions one is still facing hair loss in glut or getting bald scalp, then it is the right time to go for hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant surgery helps one to look younger by providing a natural hair growth again.

Difference between FUE & FUT Hair Transplant

What is difference between FUE & FUT Hair Transplant?

The distinction between FUE & FUT is the technique for removing follicle units. In FUE, a piece of scalp cut from the back of the head to be dismembered under a stereo magnifying lens to get a follicular unit of the craved size where FUT, the follicles gained from the given strip must be utilized.

FUE Hair Transplant

Are all FUE result are always excellent?

According to the majority of the surveys, FUE is the most widely recognized and propelled surgery that gives excellent results, however all FUE results can't be excellent as it have a few drawbacks which are not suitable for everybody.

Hair Style

Can one follow some hair styles on these transplanted hairs?

Of course, yes, after a successful hair transplant surgery and proper care, one can try different hairstyles with their hairs, but a proper care of hair is as well required.


Is there any alternate to hair transplant procedure?

One can use wigs, patches or medicines as an alternative to hair transplant procedure, but these alternatives may cause infections or allergies. Thus, there is nothing that can completely replace a hair transplant surgery.


What problems can occur if patient does not take proper treatment from professional and specialist doctor?

Not taking proper treatment from professional and specialist doctor may cause several issues such as, swelling, allergy, wastage of hair follicles, irregular hair growth, swelling, formation, bumps and bleeding, etc.

Hair Donor Area

What is donor and recipient area of scalp?

A part of the scalp from where hair follicles are removed called a donor area and a bald area of the scalp where hair follicles are transplanted called recipient area.

Hair Transplant Cost

Is this procedure very expensive?

There is not a decided cost of hair transplant surgery as it may vary from patient to patient, number of follicles to be transplanted, availability of the donor areas, etc. But, surely cost of this procedure is nothing in front of its benefits and results.

Hair Transplant Effects

Is there any hormonal effect that can cause the loss of transplanted hairs?

No, there is not any hormonal effect that can cause the loss of transplanted hairs as these hairs grown from hair follicles which are defiant to genetic effects.

Natural Hair Transplant

Why to choose natural Hair Transplant?

Choosing natural hair transplant means, you can cut, dye and perm your hairs just like your old hairs. A natural hair transplant may be one of the best decisions of yours for your hair loss problem.

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